Meet Lynne

Lynne was raised on her family’s small livestock farm near Fontanelle. Her dad worked another full-time job to make ends meet. Out of high school, Lynne worked for ENCOR, and she loved her job living with three adult women with developmental disabilities. The experience taught her to treat all people with dignity and respect and that everyone has unique potential to accomplish great things.

She became the Executive Director at Bethphage of Northeast Nebraska (now Mosaic), an organization that provides services to people with developmental disabilities. She later went back to school, while raising a family to earn her degree in elementary education. She taught at North Side and Bell Field Elementary school in Fremont before leaving to take care of her youngest daughter.

Currently, Lynne is a partner and realtor with Don Peterson and Associates in Fremont. She is a member of Salam Lutheran Church in Fontenelle, where she is involved in children’s ministry and vacation bible school and is a past church council member. She is also a former board member of the Low Income Ministry, Fremont Chamber of Commerce, and Kiwanis Club.

Lynne and her husband, Chris, have three children and four grandchildren, and a dog named Lily.

In her second term, Lynne will keep the focus on making government more collaborative and efficient to our taxpayers. She will continue exploring business incentives that help entrepreneurs and small businesses in rural Nebraska, promote additional affordable housing, secure accessible high-speed internet for our communities, and find a property tax relief proposal that doesn’t raise other taxes for all Nebraskans.


In her first term, Lynne completed a multitude of her campaign promises, ranging in all sectors of life. She passed legislation to improve protection and quality of life for people with disabilities, provide relief for first-responders injured in the line of duty, pushed for additional funding in nursing homes, and led efforts to create economic development opportunities for Dodge County and all of Nebraska. She also was a strong advocate to make schools safer and stronger for kids, and to make sure the most vulnerable Nebraskans were treated with dignity and respect.

She received the following awards for her hard work:

  • Legislator of the Year, Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police, 2017
  • Legislator of the Year, ARC of Nebraska, 2018
  • Friend of Education, Nebraska Council of School Administrators (NCSA), in 2019.